Hair Cleansing Terms

Hair Cleansing Terms

Sometimes it can be very overwhelming when trying to journey down the road of natural hair. Understanding Shampoo, pre-poo, conditioning, co-wash, deep conditioning. Do I wash? How often do I wash? Do I co-wash? I have locs, how often do I have to wash my locs (for some, dreads)?  So many questions  Let's break it down.

So most of us already know and understand that shampooing is for cleansing our hair of debris and heavy product usage. A Pre-poo is applied before shampooing to help retain the oils of the hair. Shampoo can strip the hair of natural oils from the hair, the pre-poo process uses oils before you shampoo.

Conditioning is for moisturizing. So what is co-washing? Co washing is where you use conditioner instead of shampooing. Where one would shampoo, condition, and do a leave in; one would do a co-wash and a leave in conditioner leaving out the shampoo part of the process. 

A deep condition is where one would apply conditioner to the hair to provide the hair with an extra helping of moisture. A deep condition should be done at least once a week to keep the hair healthy. Some people suggest no more than 30 mins for a deep condition, but I think it's up to the user, especially with a natural conditioner. If your conditioner has toxins and isn't natural, then follow the directions on the package.  The best way to seal in the moisture is to apply heat to the deep conditioner by way of a dry, or wear a shower cap. 

Some people with locs believe that they shouldn't wash their locs or it's not necessary if they don't use heavy products like people with loose natural hair. This in fact is not true. Even without the use of heavy products, just using oils and water on your locs, one would still need to cleanse the hair and scalp. The scalp has build up from sweat and debris from the environment so a cleanser is necessary to remove all of that. How often should a person with locs wash? As often as their hair gets dirty like everyone else!

Finally, HAIR MASKS! Super popular but what is their purpose? Their purpose is to help heal damaged hair. Hair masks are kept on longer than conditioners which is why they are different from conditioners and they are thicker in texture. A hair mask is like a conditioner on STEROIDS. This is like MAGIC for a person with dry, damaged hair.

So we covered cleansing, co-washing, pre-pooing, conditioning, and deep conditioning and a bonus, hair masks. I am partial to all natural products, but to each their own! Be sure to check out our Hair Conditioners & Masks! Revive your hair with our all natural hair products!

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