About The Company

Meet Candace Gunter, the powerhouse behind Aari Body. She's not just a mom to three boys and a girl with Down syndrome, but also the wife of a retired Marine. Candace's journey began when she welcomed Jasmine, her daughter with special needs, into the family. Jasmine's hair and skin were in a bad condition, and this prompted Candace to take action. Already familiar with the trials of eczema, Candace was no stranger to whipping up homemade shea butter creams and natural hair solutions for her family. After trying countless products to help Jasmine's hair, she decided to take a leaf out of her mom and grandmother's book and "Go to nature". And thus, Aari Body was born.

Candace had a vision: to build a company, Aari, named after her boys, symbolizing a "Mountain of Strength". She knew she had something special to offer the world, something that could truly help others grappling with similar ailments. Then, a twist in the tale. Candace and her husband found out that their daughter, Jasmine, needed to cut gluten from her diet. A tough pill to swallow? Not for Candace. She saw this as a golden chance to create a line of products that would allow folks like Jasmine to enjoy life without dietary roadblocks. Aari's products aren't just about quality, they're about making sure everyone gets to enjoy them, regardless of restrictions. Want to know how it all began? Check out the video below!


We're all about that good stuff - gluten free, celiac friendly, and vegan-approved (or with a vegan option on standby). And of course, we're proud to be cruelty-free and packed with pure, clean ingredients. Why, you ask? Well, we've seen too many products out there that are just plain bad news for your body. Not on our watch! We're committed to delivering only the best, high-quality ingredients to ensure your hair and skin stay happy and healthy. Mother Nature's got the remedy for every ailment, and we're here to prove it by incorporating clean, natural ingredients from every corner of the globe. We might not be Amazon, but hey, we've got something they don't - our products are lovingly handcrafted and poured, one product and candle at a time. Now that's some small batch charm!