Amla Oil Benefits

Amla Oil Benefits

Amla oil originates in India from the gooseberry tree. Currently it is being mass produced commercially in the Middle East & Asia due to its great benefits for the hair and skin. So what are these benefits that has everyone so excited?

To start, Amla Oil is used to strengthen the hair, stimulate hair growth, help with dandruff, and help with male pattern baldness along with female hair loss. It's high in Vitamin C & antioxidants and all the good fats like Omega 3, Omega 6, & fatty acids that help benefit hair and scalp health. We use this special oil in our Daily Scalp Oil, Beard Conditioner, & Chebe Hair Butter. Our commitment to providing our customers with quality ingredients allows us to search the globe for products that actually help with conditions we all suffer from.

The great benefits it provides for the skin are moisturizing dry flaky skin, which is why we use Amla oil in our products. It also helps to brighten the skin, tighten the skin pores, it seals in moisture helping the skin where dry skin is an issue. Another amazing benefit of this oil is it helps with wrinkles and dark spot remedy for the skin.

We are excited about the many versatile uses of this oil! If your interested in the amazing benefits of this oil, try our Daily Scalp Oil, Beard Oil, and our Chebe Hair Butter.

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