Wholesale 8 oz Body Butters

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Are you looking for a natural moisturizer to add to your self care routine? Well look no further! Visit my Product Benefits page to get specific details about each product.
Our Body butters are vegan safe, gluten free, toxin free, and cruelty free. All our butters are safe for kids and safe for the hair & the body. Not sure what to choose? Grab a sampler! Want to try them all? Then go over to my sampler packs and grab one of those!
*Due to plastic shortages, you may not receive the jar seen in the photos.
"Wholesale orders can always be ordered even when out of stock."
O. G. - Unscented formula made for sensitive skin. Smells like raw shea and cocoa butters.
Maui Mango- Lightweight formula that smells like a ripen mango from the islands. 
Citrus Smash-Our all natural Citrus butter is not too sweet, not too subtle, this butter is for citrus lovers! 
Lavender Lemonade- Smells just like lavender with a hint of lemonade! 
Berry CrushThe sweet and alluring berry smell is invigorating! 
Avocado Silk- This special formula targets skin irritations like eczema, dry skin, and helps with skin damage with a touch of lemongrass.