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Who is the Kurly Krown Hair & Body Company?


We are a small e-commerce business that focuses on hair and skin health with the help of nature. Our products include Body Butters, Beard Care, Conditioners, & Hair Masks. The company is ran by our Owner, CEO, Commander in Chief Candace Gunter. Our ingredients are are sourced from suppliers who share the same vision as Kurly Krown. Our suppliers work to produce ingredients in their most natural form to help benefit hair and skin health. 

 Who is Candace Gunter?
Candace Gunter is a military spouse of 9 years who has lived with her Marine in North Carolina, Virginia, Arizona, and Georgia. She hails from New York and her West Indian - American roots are apart of the Kurly Krown Hair Company. The Gunter’s share 4 children; 3 boys ages 11, 9, & 6  along with a newly gained daughter (Jasmine) who is 10 and a big part of this story. Candace has her Bachelors in Counseling Psychology and has always had an affinity for helping people. She started her educational journey to help people in a psychological manner and years later started this company to help people in a more physical way. 

How was this company started?
After years of helping Candace’s grandmother care for Jasmine (who also has Down syndrome) from a distance, the decision was made for Candace and her family to care for Jasmine full time. Once Jasmine came to live with the Gunter family, Candace noticed Jasmine’s hair was broken and damaged along with her skin. For years Candace bought raw shea butter to make body butters for her children’s rashly skin. After trying various products in Jasmines hair and various lotions (even medical creams) on her skin, she decided to do what her mother and grandmother taught her: use nature. And like that the Kurly Krown Hair & Body company was born. 

What changes were noticed?
After a month of using the Aloe Deep Conditioner, jasmines hair started to come back to life. It started to get fuller and longer. Candace later added the Avocado hair mask and conditioner to the routine and noticed her hair looked nourished and healthy. 2 months after starting the body butter, Jasmines rashly skin started to normal out. Scars were fading, rashes flattening out and she no longer had tiny bumps all over her arms and legs. 

What will help my hair or skin?
We listen to complaints our customers and others make about various issues with their hair and skin. Hair growth whether on your face of your head is a major concern we are confronted with and work hard to address. In our fast paced society people want instantaneous results but there are some things in life that take time like hair growth. Consistency and patience is what it takes to grow hair. Other factors (unless affected by a medical condition) can affect hair loss like stress, a lack of certain vitamins in the body, enough water can all affect hair loss. Jasmines hair and skin story is one of patience and consistency. Her hair has dramatically improved due to those two things along with the help of increasing her water intake.  Her skin has also seen great results with consistently using our body butters. Her whole life she always had this troubled skin and since she started using our body butters, we never saw those skin issues again. 
Take away
Give our products a try! Helping you achieve your goal by fixing an issue to help make you happy is the drive behind what we do. We care and we put all of that care into producing products to help address these concerns. We carefully research and try various oils and natural resources to provide to our customers the best product.Thank you for taking this time to better understand this company and why we do what we do for you!

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I had eczema on my shoulders, after using KurlyKrown butters; it has completely disappeared, and improved the condition of my skin.

Thanks you KurlyKrown!!!

Versella Hamilton

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