Scalp Issues & Hard Water

Scalp Issues & Hard Water



So we live on a military base in Albany, GA currently. We found out that our water is high in calcium and the base is aware of the issue and have no plans to make any changes. Why does this matter to us? Well calcium not only stops up our toilets and cause low water pressure, it also can cause kidney stones and kidney failure if ingested in high amounts over time. I noticed that my locs (dreads) became very dry here and my scalp has had the worse dandruff I have ever had and no matter what products I use on my face, I suffer from adult acne consistently.This lead me on a journey to discover if I really suffer from dandruff, dry scalp, and have adult acne or could my water be the source of my issues.

What is the connection between hard water, the scalp, and skin issues? What exactly does it mean when water is considered to be "Hard"? And what can be done if you discover you live somewhere with hard water? All these questions will be answered below.

Hard water has lots of minerals, salts, calcium, and magnesium in it that can cause issues for the scalp and the hair. They interact negatively with different shampoos and conditioners and cause them to deliver less nutrients the hair and scalp need. Issues like dry scalp and dandruff has been linked to hard water because it blocks moisture from reaching the scalp follicles due to a film that covers the scalp.

What about the face and skin? How does hard water affect those? Hard water clogs the pores which leads to acne and even in some cases eczema. The natural oils produced get blocked making the skin dry and parched. Consistent exposure to hard water can eventually break down your skins ability to make collagen, which is the skins elasticity. Rich moisturizing products help restore moisture and washing your face in distilled water helps eliminate adult acne.

What do you do if you live somewhere with hard water? You can invest in a water softening system for your home, purchase shower heads with filters to eliminate all the bad stuff in hard water, or purchase purified distilled water to wash your hair and face.

To help your hair regain moisture and balance, you can use acidic rinses like apple cider vinegar rinses, purchase clarifying shampoos, use moisture rich hair and scalp products, along with leave in conditioners and hydrating hair masks. 

Our green tea line is ph balanced and includes apple cider vinegar. Our hair mask is moisture rich and helps reestablish hair and scalp health. Try our moisturizing products today!

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