About The Company

Picture of owner Candace sitting on a green couch holding candles.
The founder of Aari Body is Candace Gunter. She is the wife of a US Marine, mom of 3 boys and 1daughter with Down syndrome. This company was birthed when Candace and her husband got custody of their daughter Jasmine whose body and hair was very damaged. Having kids with damaged skin (eczema) and suffering from the same condition, Candace would regularly make shea butter creams for her family skin and natural hair remedies. Shopping around and spending money on various hair products to help jasmine's damaged hair, she decided to do what her mom and grandmother told her "Go to nature".
It was then Candace discovered that she had products to offer the world that can   help others who also suffer from these ailments. Along the journey, Candace and her Husband discovered Jasmine could no longer have gluten. This provided an opportunity for Candace to help people like Jasmine who couldn't enjoy products due to dietary restricions. Candace's company products are made to help all people like Jasmine who need the quality products even with their restrictions. For more info on the start of the company watch the video below.
Our products are all gluten free, celiac safe, either vegan or have a vegan option, cruelty free, and made with natural raw ingredients. This is important to the Aari Body Company because too many companies add ingredients that are harmful to the body. We want to be honest and deliver products that have quality ingredients to ensure hair and skin health. Nature can and DOES help all ailments which is why we incorporate natural and/or clean ingredients from around the world.